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The NCC turned down the group’s request for $40,000 in loans and grants. Sure, the field is outside their rating area, Marlborough District, but the people who get the most benefit out of it are the Nelson people.

Most of the field’s staff and supplies came from the Nelson region, he said. But deputy mayor Gail Collingwood said the meeting’s decision was unanimous.

The chief urged anyone with information about the shooting to call Enact Conveyancing Brisbane Have a real estate conveyancer readied to prepare early. Arrange your home advance applications moreover. This will help speed things up a bit when you make your offer.

The Tara Restaurant and Sake Bar will operate from the former Venus Envy Sculpture shop in Hardy St.

The premises are being renovated and restaurant operator Yoshi Ichinose said he hoped to open the restaurant at the end of June. The sale of the Port Nelson House Parts store on Wakefield Quay is being touted as setting a record for a commercial property.The 900sq m site has been sold to a North Island developer.

Real estate agency Canterbury Commercial confirmed the site had sold for more than $1.2 million but would not be more precise than that. The site has a rating valuation of $650,000, and is about one quarter the size of the former Hurricane Wire site next door, which sold for $1.7 million just over a year ago.

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