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Nelson’s pear crop is about 70 percent down on last years because of the natural phenomenon which sees unchecked pipfruit crops swing increasingly between high and low production.

Mr Fenemor said New Zealand was in the top 10 water-rich countries in the world, excluding Greenland and Alaska, and was third globally, behind Finland and Canada, for water quality.

Developers are hoping to start building Richmond’s first multiplex cinema soon, as part of the continuing Richmond Mall development. Mall owner Cephas Management said work on the mall’s next stage was scheduled to get under way in the next few months.

Mall manager David Penrose said about 18 new shops would be added to the mall at the same time, in an area between the Richmond Mall and the former Richmond Village Mall. Four of the existing shops – Bon Rouge, O’Neills Fine Foods, Zest and a vacant shop – would be demolished while others such as Ambrosia Café would be retained and incorporated into the mall, he said. Mr Penrose said the new shops would take the total in the malls to about 65.

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And could be a possible site for a tramline as waterfront development adds to traffic volumes,He said the idea of a tram service had been raised before.Mr Matheson said development around the waterfront would require a change in traffic patterns.

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They say extra pollution will increase problems along the link route. The concept got the nod from the Road Transport forum which represented road transport operators, but it warned that shutting Wakefield Quay to traffic would make the southern link unviable in its proposed form.

Connecting Tahunanui to the city centre, provided the road isn’t closed to all other traffic.saying the quay was “ripe” for an alternative transport service. Although a change in traffic patterns was needed, the proposal would not require closing the road to traffic, he said.

It was hoping to call for tenders for the $5.65 million project by Christmas and open the complex late next year. it was now investigating a proposal to extend the pool to 50m following a joint council meeting last week. The meeting passed a resolution to add the pool to a list of regional facilities that would be jointly funded.

Mr Trent’s plans to build the 200-house development have sparked a public backlash, with many people expressing concern over foreign ownership in the region. Mr Trent, a New Zealand resident who is planning to apply for citizenship, said he was developing the proposal with several other.

Although plans have not yet been drawn up, he envisages clifftop houses in the Monarch Beach subdivision will sell for between $5 million and $10 million. Prices of inland houses would depend on how many lots the land could be subdivided into, he said. However, if the lots were 0.8ha the minimum price would be about $600,000. whether his development would end up including productive land, a golf course or a park-like setting.